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You are Beautiful: Angie Hester Cook



Every body is beautiful, and for far too long, the definition of beauty has been painfully narrow. Green Pea Salon’s YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL campaign aims to expand the definition of beauty through storytelling from real women and men who may be clients, friends, or just everyday Nashvillians we admire.

Angie Hester Cook is the Creative Director of Hester & Cook Design Group, the company she founded along with her husband Robbie. Hester & Cook is known for their beautiful and authentic product designs, especially their paper products created for the table.  In addition to their wholesale division, the company has a rapidly growing retail division with two stores located in Nashville and one in Franklin. Angie is also the Executive Director of the Wonderful Life Foundation. The non-profit offers financial support for families that have children undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses. Angie and Robbie live in the heart of Nashville along with their three sons, Cole, Will and Calvin…and the family’s very large dog Sevi.

Green Pea Stylists: Jenna and Choyer

On true beauty:

True beauty is most evident for me in a person’s spirit.  It shows up in many ways… in their attitude towards life, how they embrace adversity and how they love people.

On unconventional beauty:

I am fascinated by old homes and buildings. I find a unique beauty in aged architecture and faded facades. I believe it’s the potential they hold, to be revived and brought to life again. We are beginning our second home renovation and I really love the entire process.

Finding beauty in others:

I mentioned earlier that I find beauty in how someone loves people.

Loving people well creates space for total freedom. Freedom to be honest and transparent without fear…that is beautiful.

Beauty in self-care:

Intentional rest is so key for me. This involves plenty of sleep and never underestimating the power of a nap! Also, finding time alone for reflecting and creative thinking provides a real balance in my life.

The most beautiful moments:

We have dealt with a great deal of cancer in our family. In addition to both of my parents, my husband and son are both cancer survivors. Will, my middle son, battled a brain tumor when he was just two. He has grown into a happy and healthy teenager today, but we have a periodic MRI to make sure the tumor is still in remission. Every single time we get through one of those moments and all is clear, we are so very grateful…it is a beautiful reminder that life is precious.

On battling insecurities:

I was a people pleaser for a big part of my life…I think that role is deeply rooted in insecurity. I found myself seeking the approval of others as a means to measure my own self-worth…a dangerous place to be. Growing in my faith has been the single greatest factor that has given me the courage to step out of that role.  Additionally, surrounding myself with people who have allowed me to grow in that direction has been key. I find myself in a place now where I am more confident and more often than not, I am not afraid of what others may think …but I am still a work in progress!

On Green Pea:

Well, first have to talk about my two favorite beautiful people at Green Pea. Jenna is an amazing colorist and stylist …and such a sweetheart.  I have wavy hair and she really gets it. Choyer is another… he is a dear friend of mine. He does and amazing job with my boys’ hair and keeps all three looking quite handsome.

I am a life-long Bumble & Bumble fan. My go to is their color minded shampoo and conditioner.

You are Beautiful: McKel Hill

Every body is beautiful, and for far too long, the definition of beauty has been painfully narrow. Green Pea Salon’s YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL campaign aims to expand the definition of beauty through storytelling from real women and men who may be clients, friends, or just everyday Nashvillians we admire.

McKel Hill  MS, RDN, LDN // Founder : Nutrition Stripped

McKel Hill MS, RDN, LDN // Founder: Nutrition Stripped

McKel Hill MS, RDN, LDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and founder of Nutrition Stripped, a healthy living website dedicated to helping women feel amazing through nourishing multiple pillars of health — and also feel good about the information they were getting about nutrition and wellness.

McKel's GPS stylist: Katya Kooienga

What do you find most beautiful in other human beings?

Compassion and emotional intelligence. I think these are two of many beautiful traits we express as humans and I'm a believer that in order to give the world compassion and empathy, you have to start with yourself first making sure you're loving yourself, taking care of yourself, speaking your needs, and truth. If you have that base covered, then you're able to really give back to other people from a place of abundance and kindness.

Self-care is vital to beauty. What’s your favorite outlet?

I'm a proud self-care junkie — from lighting palo santo, making hot tea, face masks, doing my nails, reading a book, making healthy (and delicious) foods and meals from Nutrition Stripped, having enough alone time to reset my energy, and morning routines are key!

Life is full of beautiful moments that keep us aware and grateful.

Do you have one you’d like to share?

One of the "quickest" ways that I'm reminded of the present moment and of gratitude is animals, especially our pup Luna. Animals are incredibly loving and always living in the present moment, so for me, they have a beautiful way of reminding me there are much bigger things in life than the million items on my to-do list, stressors, etc. 

Insecurity affects us all. Have you discovered any tricks or tools to overcome it?

I've added a lot of tools over the years to overcome insecurities, but am constantly reminded it's a daily practice! One of the most important practices I do revolves around self-care. If I'm taking care of myself first, then I'm able to make clear decisions, focus, and of course, give back to others with the best energy and intention I possibly can. When I find myself not practicing self-care and putting myself low on the priority list, it's very easy for insecurities to start creeping in and taking over so having those firm routines keep me in check. Another tool I lean heavily into is support from family, friends, and this amazing community — it's human connection 101 and sharing how you feel and communicating about it is so important for our mental and emotional well-being. 

What’s the one item from Green Pea Salon you can’t live without?

Whatever Katya chooses! She's a queen when it comes to taking care of my long blonde locks and one product she got me hooked on is the Olaplex line. It keeps hair really strong and healthy, especially with long hair I make sure I use minimal hot tools, air dry, and weekly hair masks!