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You are Beautiful: Martha Ivester

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Every body is beautiful, and for far too long, the definition of beauty has been painfully narrow. Green Pea Salon’s YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL campaign aims to expand the definition of beauty through storytelling from real women and men who may be clients, friends, or just everyday Nashvillians we admire.

Martha Ivester is the City Manager for Google Fiber in Nashville where she oversees Fiber’s day-to-day business operations and leads the local team on community affairs, business outreach, and customer acquisition and retention.  Google Fiber is an Internet and TV service that provides speeds up to one gigabit per second — compared to the average Internet speed in America today of 11.5 Mbps — along with hundreds of HD TV channels.

Martha's GPS stylist:

The truth is, we all have different opinions of what beauty is. But what about “true beauty”? Does it mean something different to you?

True beauty is being comfortable in your own skin, when I feel most happy and healthy I feel most radiant. Every year we go to Canada and live off the grid for two weeks - no electricity, no hot water, no make-up, no hairdryer. I feel most beautiful after a 6am dip in the lake when I stand on the rocky shore and take in the sunrise and the sounds of birds and wind in the trees.  My favorite photo of myself was taken at the cottage.

Recently I traveled to Denmark and was struck by how naturally beautiful everyone looked. People bike everywhere. No women looked like they were subsisting on kale juice or spent thousands “fixing” imperfections. They wore very little makeup yet looked stunning.

Generosity to strangers. It’s corny but I’m moved to tears when I see those videos on social media of people reaching out to strangers and making meaningful connections and positive impact on lives.  There is so much divisiveness and ugliness in this country today that examples of generosity of personal connection is what I currently find most beautiful.

Self-care is vital to beauty. What’s your favorite outlet?

I wish I could say sleep. I really try to sleep more.  But lately I think the most important thing is prioritizing a 6am walk and gym date with three neighbors. Starting the day with companionship and a little exercise and fresh air is good for my body and my spirit.  We keep the connection going with a group text that my kids think is really lame, but brings me moments of joy throughout the day!

Life is full of beautiful moments that keep us aware and grateful. Do you have one you’d like to share?

I had a big birthday not too long ago and my teenage daughter wrote me a card that told me how much she admires me and looks up to me, with really specific examples. She referenced what I accomplish as a working mom, as well as things I do to make her feel special and loved.  To hear that from your daughter, who is at the phase where EVERYONE struggles with insecurity and self-doubt ... that was the best present EVER.

Insecurity affects us all. Have you discovered any tricks or tools to overcome it?

Deep breathing. I was very fortunate to take a three-day course on mindfulness provided by Google (they have all sorts of data that shows what a positive impact mindful moments can have on team performance, health and productivity).  When I get nervous about a big presentation or feel under-prepared I take a few minutes for centering breathing and it is amazing how well it calms my nerves and boosts my confidence.

What’s your favorite beauty trick or products from Green Pea Salon?

Whatever Rachel tells me to get for my hair. I am a busy working mom with three kids and two active dogs and try to only wash my hair twice a week.  Rachel has seen me through going back to work full time from being a stay-at-home and she always thinks ahead to what I most need at that point in my life!